Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: All About Prints and Color

This is a long overdue post, but since it's officially spring (it was in the 70's last weekend and it snowed yesterday, hahaha), I figured now was the time to get all of this completed!

The next part I needed to figure out for Colette's Wardobe Architect were the colors I tend to gravitate towards and what fit with the my defined core style: colorful, feminine, confident, happy, chic.

Neutrals -

The older I get, the more and more I wear neutral colors, funny enough.  In my last job, I was required to wear black for dress code, so it was always easy to get dressed for work every day.  Even before then, I wore black a lot because, honestly, black goes with everything.  In the winter months, I have a penchant for gray and can't get enough of it!  Occasionally I'll reach for some browns in the fall, and I think cream looks better on me than white.

Almost Neutrals - 

nearly neutrals

These colors aren't "neutrals" by definition, but could be consider as such.  I have a love for anything Tommy Hilfiger, and navy is almost like his "black" in everything he designs.  I love the preppiness of navy!  The rest of these colors are happy and fun, and go with so many other different colors.

Statement Colors - 

statement colors

And finally, my statement colors.  When I look at my closet, and the fabrics I'm drawn to when shopping, I really like pinks and blues (heck, just check out what I've made in the past few years).  Purple is another color that I have a connection to and feel really good in it when I wear it.  I had to include green as well, since it's my favorite color (and it's funny because I rarely sew with it!).  Anything jewel-toned is a color I really like to wear and I think looks good with my fair skin.

So when this was all said and done, I picked out my palette for the colors I'm going to try to sew with for Spring/Summer 2014 - it would be great to start sewing a wardrobe that coordinates together!

spring summer 2014

I really like these colors together - they feel fresh and feminine, and seasonably appropriate.  It's also great that I have fabrics in these colors in my stash, so I can start sewing right away!

Now, onto prints vs. solids...

I always thought of myself as a print girl because honestly, those were the only kinds of fabrics I bought when I came back to sewing a few years ago (prints hide sewing sins).  After sewing for a year, and looking at what I made vs. what I wore, it was obvious I needed to start sewing with more solids so I could mix and match the garments in my closet.

I took some photos of my closet this week after I transitioned my spring clothes and packed away my winter clothes.


I never know how to organize my closet...anyway, what you see above from left to right are some of my dresses, zip-up jackets, casual tees, dressy tees, blouses, blazers, cardis, and button-downs.

Left to right - button-downs, three-quarter sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, sweaters, skirts, and yoga/workout hoodies etc.

Notice anything?  Not a lot of prints!  Actually, when I went through my closet and figured out my 10-20 most worn garments, they were ALL solids!  This is probably because it's not obvious how often I wear them; if I wore my printed garments more, it would be obvious that I'm wearing that "same floral shirt" again.  Plus, it's easier to make outfits out of solids.  As much as I love prints, especially at the fabric store, I need to stick more to solids to get more bang for my buck in my closet.

Not to say I can't sew with prints anymore...I do love a good stripe, polka dot, or geometric print.

What colors do you like to wear?  Do you wear more prints or solids?


  1. Add in a leopard print or a crazy Dutch wax and our colour palettes would be identical! Can't wait to see wait you create in the coming months.

  2. Anxious to put away the winter clothes too, but the spring weather seems to be more like a once- a week thing, lately! Your color choices for Spring/Summer look cool & crisp and will create some great wardrobe combinations. Let the fabric shopping begin! BTW, while we're waiting for more consistently warmer weather, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you care to stop by my blog, there are a few questions for you to look at. :)

  3. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! If you would like to accept, there are a few questions to answer over on my blog. I'm not sure if this will be a second comment, as the first one brought me back here after I did the letter code. Sometimes there is a conflict with iPad.